AVOL (AudioVisual OnLine) is an audiovisual project that allows the combination of virtual objects to create an integrated sound and image experience. It also aims to explore new ways to access and interact with music.
It was commissioned by DGARTES (a division of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture), and is part of their new Net.Art portal.

Use and Experience

The discovery is an important element of the AVOL experience. The black starting screen and the atypical GUI (“graphical user interface”) invite exploration.
The user can manipulate 7 objects, that correspond to 7 different types of sound. For each object, there are 4 sound and image options. Therefore, there are 28 different modules, and numerous possibilities of combination.
Each object has controls to turn on, off and isolate elements. The objects can be moved by dragging or random movement. As they move, the objects may collide, which originates a specific combination of sound and image. There are also controls to increase and diminish the volume, and consequently the size, of each object.


The name AVOL is a reference and tribute to the album EVOL by Sonic Youth and the project FMOL by Sergi Jordà. Their influence was important for the origin of the project.

Past Presentations

AVOL has been presented at:

  • Cartes Flux Festival, Helsinki, Finland, 5/2008 (installation)
  • Re:New Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 5/2008 (installation)
  • CREATE 2008, London, UK, 6/2008 (installation)
  • Abertura Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 7/2008 (performance/presentation)
  • Live Herring Festival, Jyväskylä, Finland, 10/2008 (installation)
  • Electro-Mechanica, St. Petersburg, Russia, 11/2008 (performance/presentation)


AVOL is a Video Jack project, by André Carrilho (design / animation) and Nuno N. Correia / Coden (programming / music).