Idiot Prince


Idiot Prince allows the user to create his/her own visual collage to the sound of a track from Coden’s “Heat Seeker” album.

Use and Experience

Pressing the buttons on top of the screen. the user can choose from 3 behaviors: trail, zoom, and slide. Pressing the buttons on the bottom of the screen, the visual module can be changed. In “trail”, a visual module follows a random path among the screen, leaving a trail as it moves. The user can change size and opacity of the module (using buttons in the lower-left corner). In “zoom”, a visual module appears in a random point on the screen, then grows progressively until it disappears. In “slide”, visual modules move across the screen, with random size, opacity and speed. The user can change direction of movement: up, down, left or right (using buttons in the lower-left corner). In “trail” and “slide”, there is a button in the lower-right corner to reset settings to default.


The visuals from Idiot Prince were first created for VJing at Lux club in Lisbon, in 2005-2006. A screen capture of Idiot Prince was used for the music video of the track, first released as part of the “Heat Seeker” DVD in 2006.


Idiot Prince is a Video Jack project, by André Carrilho (design / animation) and Nuno N. Correia / Coden (programming / music).