Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/videojackstudios/sets/72157601543323954

Event: Abertura
Date: 22/7/2007
Location: R. D. Pedro V, 76A, Lisbon, Portugal

1. About the event

Abertura event took place on the 22nd July 2007 in Lisbon:
Abertura is a one day event which presents VJing and realtime visual performance by national and international artists.
From http://www.visual-agency.net/abertura/

2. About our presentation

Video Jack presented “Heat Seeker” as an Audio-Visual performance at Abertura. It was the final presentation of an intense series of performances based exclusively in this material.

The intimacy of the event allowed for further experiments and deconstruction of the audio-visual material. Visually, a lucky accident explored by friend Luís Lázaro allowed us to play with 2 overlapped projectors, creating a collage of shapes and colours, in the walls and ceiling of the room. Sonically, I played more aggressively with the audio processing capabilities of the software used for music sequencing (Ableton Live).